WREUT(Water Resources Exploration and Utlization team)

Witn them aim of systematic implementation of works in the interest of the country by Utilization the rich water resources of the country,WREUT CO,Ltd was established in 1994.Particularly as a private sector,it aims to carry out planning construction and Engineering consultancy activies essential for systematic planned works with the almost effective status in Utilization of systemmatic investment in Hydro electric-power production and distribtions works,exploring and developing arable from lands, construction of Dams and Irrigation Networks and Construction of telecomunication Tower.
This is the company which organized and integrate experenced and skilled engineers for all respective sectors under the leadership of local and international experienced engineers to perform its activities in accordance with its aim and object.
Since it is performing construction engineering works WREUT is participating the undermotioned sector in Myanmar.
- Hydro-electric power and water resourced development
- Irrigation and water management
- Drainage and water control
- Water supply and treatment plants
- Hydraulic structures
- Soil investigation and foundation treatment
- Industrial and resdential buildings
- Exploring and developing work for industrial and estate
- Mining,Mineral Prospection and Investigation
- Construction of telecomunication Tower

On Particular,to be enable for private investment perticipate in Hydro-electric power production and exploring and develping arable from land for agriculture,the company in undertaking coperative activies such as choosing work sites,feasibility studies,project panning and construction works up to the time of handover of the completion of construction as well as operation works if necessary making the investment of client get the most effective status.

Hightlighs on some of W.R.E.U.T'S Works


It is the main electricity supply works undertaken by W.R.E.U.T.It is the electricity supply project of BUGA company with the permission of MIC( Myanmar Investment Commission)to supply hydro-electric power for Myintkyina,the capital of Kachin state and Waingmaw township. Consttustion Dabak Hydro-electric project(24M.W) and Mali Hydro-electric Project(105M.W) the company cooparated in supplying and distributing electricity with yearly average of (22 G.W.H)for Myintkyina township and Waingmaw township commencing from 1998 in accordance with feasibility study.Since the completion of constructing of Mali Hydro-electric Project(105 M.W)IN 2006 the company in mutual interest has been cooperating in the electricity supply works for Myintkyina and Waingmaw township.The value of investment is about 50million USD and the terms for the right of work Performance is 20 years with extension 10 years.


Mali hydro-Project,a Hydro-electric production sector of Buga electric supply works located at Mali rivulet,has the capacity of producing electric power 53.5 G.H perannum with installed capacity of 10.5 MW WREUT had undertaken supervision and managing activies from the year 2002,the time when the construction works began the time when it able to generate electric power in july 2006,with this capacity it can provides sufficient electric power in Myintkyina and Wiangmaw where it is specially needed lasting for five years duration.


Operating with the capacity(24M.W)having the capacity of electric power production 173.6 GWH per annum,Dabak Hydro-electric project in the main sector of electric power production of Buga electricity supply work.Starting from the work of choosing project site feasibility study W.R.E.U.T has been undertaking and now final design is completed audit begins pre-construction works such as construction of assess roads and camp buildings.The duration of construction will last for four years.
After the completion of Dabak Hydro-electric Project,it can provide and distribute electric power not only within Myintkyina and Waingmaw township but also villages and industrial work along the motor roada outside them and will be a special construction to regional development.


The implementation of this project is carried out by Kachin special region(2)for the distribution of electricity of putao township,Doke Htan ward and neighbouring areas in Kachin state.The implematation of producing 150 KW electricity from Nan Htun rivulet, neighbouring the above mentioned ward,is undertaken by W.R.E.U.T performing the tasks from investigation and design to construction of Civil and electrical works including Transmission line for electricity distribution.
This is a project which will serve the local inhabitants of Dokes Htan ward who in the past totally did not have the chance of utilization of electricity with comprehensive beneficial result in social,education and economic fields.


The company had successfully accomplished the assigned to water supply as follows.
(a) Supply of water in Mine Shu Gem Area.
(b) Establishment of Water supply system at Bo Htoo Military Area in 1997.
(c) Implementation of Project of water supply for Oaktwin,Myohla,Yeni,Oakkan,Paunglaung and Aunglan sugar Mills in 1998-1999.


Taking preventive action against Environmental Pollution the company had successfully constructed and implemented Waste water,Treatment plants as follws;
(a) The construction of a Waste water treatment plants in 1996 for purifying waste water from Tiger Beer factory.
(b) The construction of a Waste water treatment plant and Water cooling plant in 1999-2000 for steel Mill,Kyauk Swe Kyoe (Aunglan Township)


On 1998 the company constructed and implemented the construction of Garment factory with the capacity of in stalling 300 sewing machines in hlaing Thar Yar Township,Yangon Division and construction of Sugarcane conveying plant at Yeni (Taung Zin Aye)sugar mill in Yeni Township. On 1999 it successfully accomplished the construction works of Pyay Myo(Prome) Railway Residentail Housing plan and in 2006-2007 the construction of four storeyed building in Nay Pyi Daw,Mandalay division,under the Nay pyi Daw housing plan.


The company coorperated with SIMADEV company(singapore)in exploration and developing sites for Thilawar industrial zone in the year 1997 and also perfomed construction of drainage in 1998. For myanmar parenial crop enterprise,the company had undertaken the exploration and developing land works for rubber plantation field of 2,000 acres near aseik Taung village in Bago township,Bago division in the year 1996.The company also carried out the works of exploration and developing land o 2,000 acres for the platation of cashewnut in the year 1997,along with complete construction of products transportation roads,bridges and drainage.


The company had participated in the implementation of the under mentioned work sectors that required special skills in irrigation projects and hydro-electric projects being carried out by the state.
(a) Construction of concrete diaphragm cut-off wall(length 1,610.00ft.,maximum depth 56.00ft)at the main dam of the Thaphanseik multipurpose dam project of irrigation department in 1998-1999.
(b) Construction of concrete diaphragm cut-off wall (length 2,460ft.,maximum depth 65.00 ft)at the main dam of Swa Chaung dam project in 1999-2000.
(c) Participation in works of slope cutting earthworks of main dam,excavation works of spillway and control tower foundation and earth works and roadworks for low pressure pipe line foundation at Kun Chaung hydro-electric power project undertaken by department of Hydro-electric power,ministry of electric power(1) from 2002 to 2005 taking further participation in dam foundation grouting works and power tunnel rocks consolidation grouting works up to the completion of 1600 meters in total from 2002 to 2007.
(d) Undertaken construction of main canals and branch canals in Nyaung Oo township Lawka Nan Dar irrigation project carried out by water resources utilization deprtment from layout stage to completion from 2002 to 2003.


The company had taken responsibility of investigation studies,producing designs and project planning works of the projects concerned in the following project;
(a) Taung Gyi water supply project which will supply 4 million gallons of water per day to Taung Gyi,Shan state.
(b) Se Saing township,military area water supply system in Shan stat.
(c) Ban Yin township,Military area water supply system in shan state.
(d) Mini Hydro-electric project at Domel island,Myeik township,Ta Nin Thar Yi division to supply electricity for cold storage. (e) Renovation and construction roads in Than Phyu Za Yat township,Mon state.


The company had taken responsibility of investigation studies of following project;
(a) Naypyidaw metro project.
(b) Quarry investigation for Pyin Nyaung cement factory.
(c) Coal exploration of Pluzawa project,Mawlite.
(d) Stone quarry for Thaukyegat,hydropower project.
(e) Mining and mineral exploration.


1. Name - U Htun Lwin
2. Date of Birth - 8 October 1955
3. Nationality - Myanmar
4. Sex - Male
5. Laguage -
(a)Monther language - Barmer
(b)other language - English
6. Education -
Bachelor of sciece(Geography) (1978)
7. Employment Record and work experience
Nov 2000 to date Managing Director Water Resources Exploration & Utilization team Co.,Ltd Yangon,Myanmar.

Planning and Management of W.R.E.U.T Co.,Ltd work

Responsible for the company's development both for its resources and work capacity as well as coordination of the work of W.R.E.U.T to achieve all unity and quality assurance.

Euga Electric Supply Work(Myitkyina and Wine Maw Townkship,Kachin State)

(Client :Buga Co.,Ltd Myitkyina, Kachin State)
By the permission of Myanmar investment commision (M.I.C) performent with B.O.T system coorporate by W.R.E.U.T company for mutual benefit.
As a General Manager,Undertook coordination activities for the implementation of planned works.Make along and short term plans and took responsibilities of supervising work performance,administration and finance sectors.

Mali Hydro-electric Project (10.5 M.W) Wine Maw Township,Kachin state)

(Client : Buga Co.,Ltd Myityina,Kachin State)
As a Project Direcor,
-Made supervision on implementaion of project
-Made coordination and supervision on construction groups of the project
and coordinated with related government or organizations.

Dote Htan Mini Hyro-electric Project(Putao Township, Kachin State)

( CLien ; Kachin state Special Region -2, Kachin state)
As a Planning Director,
-Set Plans for construction works -Set Plans for made arrangements for collection of construction materials and supply of electrical equipments and devices.

Dabak Hydro-electric Project(2.4 M.W) Wine Maw Township,Kachin State.

(Client : Buga Co., Ltd, Myitkyina ,Kachin state)
As a Project Director,
-Choosing Project site -Conduct Investigation -Making design and drawings -Programming implementation of the project -Supervision of preliminary works for constuction.

1.Name - Daw Myint Shwe Zin
2.Date of Birth- 8 December,1960
3.Nationality - Myanmar
4.Sex - Female
5.language- (a) Monther language- Bamar
(b) Other language- English
6.Education - MBBS(Yangon Institude Medicine M) (1985)
Employment Record and Work experience
1987 to date - General Practitioner
2000 to date - Finance Director of WREUT
2000 to date - MD of Myint Moh Oo Shwe Sin Trading Co.,Ltd
2004 to date - MD of Myanmar Delight Travel & Tour Co.,Ltd
1. Name - U Myint Htay
2. Date of Birth - 16 April 1953
3. Nationality - Myanmar
4. Sex - Male
5. Language -
(a)Monther language - Barmer
(b)other language - English
6. Education -
Bachelor of sciece(Geography) (1968)
7. Employment Record and work experience
1996 to date Director(Engineering Geology) Water Resources Exploration & Utilization team Co.,Ltd Yangon,Myanmar.

Nay Pyi Taw Metro project,Nay Pyi Taw

(Client : Special Construction Operation Command,Ministry of Defence)
Responsible for drilling and sampling works for subsurface soil investigation.

Project Director Naung Pu Aung Hydroelectric Project Hommalin Sagaing Region

(Client :Naung Pu Aung Village)
Resposible for overall works of the project

Project Director, Dote Htan Mini Hydroelectric Project,Putao Kachin State

(Client :Kachin Special Region-2)
Resposible for overall works of the project

Project Director,Mali Hydroelectric Project,Kachin state

(Client :Buga Co.,Ltd Myitkyina)
Resposible for overall works of the project

Project Director,Dabak Hydroelectric Project,Kachin state

(Client :Buga Co.,Ltd Myitkyina)
Resposible for choosing project site,construction of access road, investigation and pre-construction works.

Kun Hydroelectric Project,Bago Division

(Client :Department of Hydroelectric Power)
Incharge of earth and rock excavation works of Spillway,Diversion conduit and low Pressure Pipe line.

Swa Chaung Dam Project,Mandalay Division

(Client :Irrigation Department)
Incharge of concrete Diaphragm cut-off wall construction (clam shell Method)

Thaphanzeik Multipurpose Dam Project,Sagaing Division

(Client :Irrigation Department)
Incharge of concrete Diaphragm cut-off wall construction (clam shell Method)

Steel Mill Project,Kyauk Swae Kyoe(Aung Lan),Magwe Division

(Client :M.E.C,Ministry of Defence)
Incharge of waste water Treatment Plant and water cooling Plant construction.

Tiger Brewery, Yangon

(Client :Myanmar Economic Holding Ltd.)
Incharge of waste water Treatment Plant construction.

1991 to 1995 Department Staff officer(Construction) Irrigation
Responsible for Dam construction of Laiva Dam Project,Chin state.

1990 to Department Assistant Engineer(Construction) Irrigation
Responsible for Dam and Intake Structure consture of Singu-Chaung Gaung Dam Project,Bago Division.

1989 to Department Assistant Engineer(Construction) Irrigation
Responsible for Dam Construction of Thaphan Chaung Dam Project,Mandalay Division.

1987 to 1988 Department Assistant Engineer(Construction) Irrigation
Responsible for Construction of Sprillway,Conveyance Conduit and control tower of Pyinbongyi Dam Project,Bago Division.

1980 to 1986 Department Assistant Engineer(Construction) Irrigation
Responsible for Construction of Conveyance Conduit,control Tower and Diversion Weir of Ngalaik Dam Project, Mandalay Division.

1978 to 1979 Construction Assistant Engineer(Construction) Road Research Laboratory,Corporation, Yangon.
Responsible for Physical and chemical testing of Soil construction Materials for Highway and Airfields.

1976 to 1977 Construction Assistant Engineer(Construction) Irrigation Department
Invvolved in the works of choosing project Campsite Location and Camp Construction of Sedawgyi Multipurpose Dam Project,Mandalay Division.

Construction of Telecomunication Tower