San Shwe Yee Myaing

San Shwe Yee Myaing Rubber Plantation

San Shwe Yee Myaing Rubber Plantation was established in 1995 and located in Bago district, Wan Be Inn Village, nearby Daesoke Par Pagoda , which is 100km far from Yangon, that is about two and half hour drive. Total area of San Shwe Yee Myaing Rubber Plantation is 150 acres.

Our objectivess

  • To promote the industrial raw material rubber plantation which lagged far behind comparing to Thailand and Malaysia.
  • To provide sustainable income for the local community by creating employment opportunity.
  • To preserve the environment by applying and sharing advanced and eco¬¨friendly plantation technology and knowledge.

Future Outlook

  • Current production capacity and world market price are not favorable for export especially for small farm owners. We need to conduct due diligence by all stakeholders and study more detail from different dimensions so that we can achieve sustainable socio-economic benefits, and especially a business model that can drive our country socio-economic development and higher living standards of our people as a whole comparing to neighboring countries. We understand that well developed policies and support from state are key determinants to achieve the targeted outcome for small scale, family run business model of any industry so that they can contribute the development of the community collectively. We need well developed national level strategic business plan for short and long term.