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Myanmar Delight Travels & Tours

Myanmar is hoping to have the largest culture Country in South-East Asia. However, only few had travel experiences in this land.It is found with 7 states and 7 divisions. 135 different national races are living together with its union spirit.Myanmar is a land of pagodas, fantastic beauty, exotic fauna and flora, an ancient culture, spectacular scenery. It is an ideal destination for the person who beasts that he has been there, seen that and done that. At the North part of country we could see the snow-capped mountains in Kachin State, across the sweeping central plains on to the ocean-swept shores at the Southern tip.Myanmar is a country here religion, customs and traditions have weathered the storms of time. People still carry out rites and ceremonies. Whichever ethnic region you may visit, the people live in age-old ways. However, time for tradition is time for tradition: custom is custom. Myanmar religious festivals are being held every month. People across the country celebrate them reverently.The devotion to religion may be seen in the ubiquitous pagodas across the country. The ancient and old lovingly refurbished and maintained while new ones are dedicated.

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Formed with the mission of being WORLD CLASS in its fields of business aims at providing superior quality services and help the customers or client organizations to achieve their requirement in effective and efficient manner.Incorporated in recent Myanmar Delight Co. Ltd. has a well-knit team of qualified and experienced professional with hands-on experience in diverse fields and is an ideal blend of experience and youth.


Myanmar Delight co. Ltd. operates with a matrix organization, where inter-disciplinary teams are formed as per the nature of assignments and are led by senior functional experts.For ensuring that the client customer requirements are properly understood and taken care of on time, a specific individual is assigned to co-ordinate all activities related to each client organization and customer.

With its focus on adapting to the specific needs of individual organizations and with the zeal to actively work with their personnel ensures that the process of tour and also achievement of goals is with optimum disturbances and is rewarding for all.As continuous up-gradation of knowledge & awareness of changing trends is the key to success of any touring organization, Myanmar Delight Co. Ltd. places high emphasis on the continuous training & development of its expert team.

With globalization and ever increasing customer expectations, the need for adoption of latest quality management systems and standards which we intensely believe that needs no over-emphasis.Myanmar Delight Co. Ltd. has the tremendous support of experts having wide experience and proper understanding of the latest quality management tools, systems and standards, International travel system; including the ISO-9000.

Expert guidance in above areas is provided through services and assistance for proper operation and accomplishment of appropriate quality systems and services.