About Us

About Us

Witn them aim of systematic implementation of works in the interest of the country by Utilization the rich water resources of the country,WREUT CO,Ltd was established in 1994.Particularly as a private sector,it aims to carry out planning construction and Engineering consultancy activies essential for systematic planned works with the almost effective status in Utilization of systemmatic investment in Hydro electric-power production and distribtions works,exploring and developing arable from lands and construction of Dams and Irrigation Networks.
This is the company which organized and integrate experenced and skilled engineers for all respective sectors under the leadership of local and international experienced engineers to perform its activities in accordance with its aim and object.
Since it is performing construction engineering works WREUT is participating the undermotioned sector in Myanmar.
- Hydro-electric power and water resourced development
- Irrigation and water management
- Drainage and water control
- Water supply and treatment plants
- Hydraulic structures
- Soil investigation and foundation treatment
- Industrial and resdential buildings
- Exploring and developing work for industrial and estate
- Mining,Mineral Prospection and Investigation
- Construction of telecomunication Tower

On Particular,to be enable for private investment perticipate in Hydro-electric power production and exploring and develping arable from land for agriculture,the company in undertaking coperative activies such as choosing work sites,feasibility studies,project panning and construction works up to the time of handover of the completion of construction as well as operation works if necessary making the investment of client get the most effective status.

Our Mission

Striving for sustainable growth with a dedication to bring values to all our stakeholders in every industry we operate in.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading independent conglomerate in Asia.